Maranatha Free Church of Jesus Christ


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope” – Martin Luther


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10 Ways To Get Closer to the Lord

When you are in your darkest hour and you simply do not know what to do. Try this.

AFTER SCHOOL program & summer camp

Are you looking for childcare? We have the assistance you need.


Maranatha Free Church has been actively involved with the greater Spartanburg community since 2000. Our ongoing outreach has created a buzz in the media, and we’re really excited to share all the latest updates with you. Check out some of our recent headlines to catch up on everything that is happening in our community.


To grow a congregation of disciples opening the eyes of their heart  to believe through the inspired love of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Inspiring disciples through up –reach, seeking all knowledge, wisdom and guidance from God. In – reach, growing a family of families within the congregation and out- reach, allowing the Holy Spirit to be expressed outwardly in the community.

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We care very deeply about your needs. Please feel free to inform us on what you need to uplift in prayer. As your brothers and sisters in Christ, we are here for you!